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Die Springs

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H & J Associates is a distinguished valve springs exporter and compression Die Spring supplier, from India. A gigantic range of die springs, valve springs etc., is also available with us. We aim to provide superior quality products at the most genuine price. We do not compromise with the superior quality of our products.

H&J manufactures industrial springs for dies, fixtures, moulds, machines, mechanisms. For various industrial uses, H&J offers a comprehensive range rooted in the resolute quality consciousness on which our reputation is built. We have applied strict quality inspection equally to the selection and inspection of raw materials as well as to every step in manufacturing.

Die Springs - a simple product by comparison. But a demanding one also if new standards are to be set by its reliability and performance. The technology adopted by us to manufacture the die-springs is the best available in the world. i.e. we are coiling the hardened and tempered wire which again gives much better life in the spring compared to other springs.

Die springs are available in various series
  • Light load (V series)
  • Medium load (B series)
  • Heavy load(R series)
  • Extra-heavy load (G series)
  • L Series
  • Round Wire Die Springs

Light LoadMaximum LoadHeavy LoadExtra Load
Colour Code:GreenColour Code:BlueColour Code:RedColour Code:Yellow
Max Deflection:Max Deflection:Max Deflection:Max Deflection:
40% of Free length37.5% of free length30% of free length 25% of free length
Sizes:Dia 10 to 63Sizes:Dia 10 to 63Sizes:Dia 10 to 51Sizes:Dia 10 to 51

How to Find Springs you Require
Compare the space available for the spring with 'HOLE' diameter, 'ROD' diameter and 'FREE LENGTH' given in the catalogue. Select the 'DUTY GROUP' for required load.

Advice on Application: The Maximum spring deflection given in our catalogue should never be exceeded as this will reduce the fatigue life of the spring. If the spring is overloaded it is possible that spring will set.
  • 1 Kg/mm = 0.9807 da N/mm
  • 1da N/mm = 1.0197 Kg/mm

Six Different Load Classifications to Meet Specific Requirements for Dies, Jigs, Fixtures And General Tool Work.

Die Springs are manufactured to the highest quality standards and comply with international standards.

Die Spring have
  • The special alloy material used to give improved heat resistance and reduced relaxation.
  • The trapezoid material profile allows lower solid length and therefore larger deflection.
  • The higher allowable stresses give greater fatigue life.
  • Dimensional Accuracy, Accurate fit into casting space.

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Die springs are available in various series

Light Load Maximum Load Heavy Load Extra Load
Colour Code:Green Colour Code:Blue Colour Code:Red Colour Code:Yellow
Max Deflection: Max Deflection: Max Deflection: Max Deflection:
40% of Free length 37.5% of free length 30% of free length 25% of free length
Sizes:Dia 10 to 63 Sizes:Dia 10 to 63 Sizes:Dia 10 to 51 Sizes:Dia 10 to 51

Explaination Spring Geometry

Explaination  Spring Geometry

Spring Diameter Chart

Dh Dd Do Di
10 5 9.2 5.5
13 6.3 12.3 7
16 8 15.3 8.5
20 10 18.5 10.5
25 12.5 24.2 13
32 16 31 16.5
40 20 37.2 20.5
50 25 49 25.5
63 38 61.5 38.5
Spring Compression Table      
Compression in % of length      
Type Long Life Med. Life Max.Life
Green 25% 30% 40%
Blue 25% 30% 37.50%
Red 20% 25% 30%
Yellow 17% 25% 25%
Do-Out side diameter of Spring (mm) L2-Spring compressed length (mm)
Di-Inside diameter of Spring (mm) F1-Pre loading compression (mm)
Dh-Hole diameter (mm) F2-RequriedCompression(strokes)(mm)
Dd-Rod diameter C-Spring Load Rate(kgf/mm)- Load required to
Lo-Spring free length (mm)

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